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A big welcome to all students! Below are some of the fun activities we had.

Activity: Letter Chalk

Skills: letter recognition, fine motor, listening

Kalash is identifying the letter A. He has to find and spray water on the letter A written on the ground.


Activity: Bananas in the Tree

Skills: number recognition, counting, fine motor

The children are learning the concept of number 1. Each child has to take one banana and put it in the tree.


Activity: See/Tell (Letter A)

Skills: communication, vocabulary, confidence

Adriano is showing his alligator to his friends. He is talking about the size, number of legs and color of the alligator.


Activity: Animals Role Play

Skills: imagination, gross motor, confidence,

The children are having fun pretending to be animals. They are hopping like bunnies and roaring like lions.


Activity: Passport To The World – Sand Art

Skills: creativity, imagination, fine motor,

The children are pouring sand on camels.



Activity: Water Play

Skills: social, communication, imagination

The children are having a wonderful time doing water exploration.


Activity: Walking on Lines

Skills: gross motor, confidence, coordination

Elliot is balancing himself while walking on various lines. He is concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other.


Fun Friday is a creative day for all! Here we learn how to make play dough and then have fun using it.

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