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Australian boy at Bangkok's leading international kindergarten enjoying fascilities

Storytime embraces a friendly & family oriented environment, where your child will feel safe and secure. Our curriculum and programs are designed for motivating and challenging activities & learning process that nurture every student's physical, mental & social growth.



Licensed by the Ministry of Child and Social Welfare in 2003, our routine is designed to motivate and challenge our students. Our school motto “When We Play, We Learn” aims to instill a life-long love of learning and a confidence to explore the world.

Your Child Is in Great Hands!

Our Approach

Young girl riding bike at Storytime Preschool in Bangkok

A daily routine gives children a sense of security. For this reason we ensure that their time spent in school is routined with spontaneous activities. Storytime ensures learning is fun in a warm and stimulating environment, fostering your child’s growth.

Our Classes

Toddler's Class

Daycare ensures your child feels at home, away from home with all the love, comfort and safety. In Daycare, they will enjoy sensory activities, nutritious meals and familiarise themselves with other toddlers. This is the start to their physical, mental & emotional growth within a safe & stimulating environment.


Our Reception & Nursery class emphasizes on developing your child’s curiosity and creativity using hands-on exploration in fine and gross motor skills through hand-eye coordination activities.


KG-1 develops awareness of numbers, senses, phonics & body coordination. We do this while having fun with basic concepts and activities.


In KG-2, curiosity and desire is stimulated in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas. At Storytime an environment is created through Number Recognition and Counting, Phonics, Reading Readiness, Writing, Sensory Play & Drama.


KG-3 focuses on developing confident learnings in individual and group settings. We emphasize on social skills, problem solving and idea expression. Students develop a love for reading aimed at molding them into lifelong readers and focus on Math & Science, Musicals, Geography, Language & Physical Education.


The 1st Grade is a year of transition where your child gains responsibility and independence. We celebrate achievement and encourage positive change and exploration into topics like Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Skills, Health, Music, Physical Education & Art.

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