Why Storytime

Storytime embraces a friendly & family oriented environment, where your child will feel safe and secure. Our curriculum and programs are designed for motivating and challenging activities & learning process that nurture every student's physical, mental & social growth. 

Licensed by the Ministry of Child and Social Welfare in 2003, our curriculum and programs are designed to include motivating and challenging activities and learning situations which stimulate the development of early cognitive, physical, and social skills with a focus on creative play. Hence our school motto “When We Play, We Learn.” By making the learning process fun, we aim to instill in our children the basis for a life-long love of learning and the self-confidence to explore new concepts, situations, and experiences.


Your Child Is in Great Hands!

Our Classes

Reception & Nursery



Our Reception & Nursery program put emphasis on developing your child’s curiosity and creativity, using hands-on explorations in the areas of arts and crafts and developing their social & fine motor skills through play in our water play area, sand box and garden activities  through hand & eye coordination
The KG-1 develops awareness of numbers, senses, appropriate language receptive, phonics, sense of body coordination (finger muscle control & hand and eye coordination) so together with this, practicing and having fun with basic concepts of recognising numbers, common shapes and colors art
The appropriate program for a 4 year old child is to excite their curiosity and desire to experiences stimulate learning in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual area.  At Storytime an environment is created through Number Recognition and Counting, PhonicsReading Readiness, WritingSensory Play, & Drama
Five year olds are polish their social skills to prepare them for their future experiences in life. Confident learners work in groups, solve problems & express their ideas and needs. In addition to focusing on Phonics & Sight Words, students also develop a love for reading aimed at molding them into lifelong readers. Subjects like Math & Science, Musicals, Georgraphy, Art & Design & Physical Education are aimed to develop students’ curiosity through fun activities.



 1st  Grade  is a year full of transitions.  As the year progresses, you'll see your child gain both responsibility and independence as a member of a challenging, exciting & motivating learning environment.  We celebrate our achievements and encourage one another towards positive change while exploring subjects like Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Skills, Health, Music, Physical Education & Art.

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