Storytime Preschool

We have over 20 years of experience!

Awarded Top 10 Best International Kindergarten 

in BKK

Now enrolling 18 months to 7 years 

 (Reception until Grade 1)

About Storytime


Licensed by the Ministry of Child and Social Welfare in 2003, our name is synonymous with quality child care among locals and expats in BKK for 20 years. Our founders have over 24 years of experience & continue to bring the highest quality of education, safety & fun to students making Storytime the leading international KG in BKK.


All of our teachers & staff have many years of relevant experience, some even having over 10 years. Upon joining us, they undergo rigorous re-training to fit with our values and curriculum. Staff are constantly kept up to date on new material & methods by attending workshops & trainings. One of our teachers, Miss Trisha, our resident KG-2 teacher has been with us for over 18 years!


We believe in open communication, Parents will be able to keep updated daily with their little one's activities through a My Day Book (updated by teachers daily), Parent Teacher Meetings each term, regular Reports, bi-weekly Menus & Newsletters & more. Parents are also encouraged to visit the school to chat with teachers at any time.


For students to succeed & excel in life, we believe values should be taught at a young age to help them become the best version of themselves. Manners, responsibilities, respect & consideration are some of the positive values encouraged at Storytime.

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Our Approach

A daily routine gives children a sense of security. This is why we ensure each day is carefully structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities. Throughout the day students have access to a wide range of both planned and unplanned activities.  Routines include meal and snack times, outdoor play, sleep and rest periods. Activities are planned in line with school curriculum and with our motto of "When We Play, We Learn". We ensure learning is fun in an environment that is always warm & stimulating, fostering your child's academic, physical,  mental, and social development

COVID-19, Health & Safety


Storytime works towards the safest ways to ensure that our

students are taken cared of while protecting teachers & 

staff during this pandemic. Some of the steps we take

include temperature checking daily, social distancing, 

wearing face masks & regular hand sanitising. Families

travelled to or arriving from red zones & from outside of 

Thailand must quarantine & provide a COVID-19 test

results before returning back to Storytime.

Instilling Good Health Habits

We at Storytime recognise the importance of reinforcing

good health habits at an early age. Personal hygiene of

washing hands, brushing teeth, and keeping neat and clean

in their daily routine is introduced.

Sick Child Policy

We implement the following measures: Upon arrival in the morning, the temperature of each child is taken & their hands wiped with sanitising hand gel. If your child becomes ill we'll contact you & request that you pick-up of your child immediately.


Pick Up Authorisation

In order to maintain the security and safety of your child, we request you to inform the school in advance of the person responsible for picking your child up from school. 


In Case of Accident & Emergency Training

Each child attending Storytime Preschool is covered by basic accident insurance. in cases of small incidents, for instance a bump or a bruise, a ‘Boo-Boo Form’ will be sent home with your child to inform you. Fire drills are a routine practice every 3 months. All staff undergo regular training and refresher courses regarding first aid and safety measures to take in case of fire or other emergency.

What Parents Say

" When trying to decide on the right (best) school for my 2-year old son I was looking for not only a small, warm, flexible and friendly environment but also for open communication between myself, the school and its teachers.

Storytime excels in making not only the child feel welcomed but also engages parents into the school community and informs on every aspect of the school day. I particularly appreciate the daily communication booklet and the weekly email newsletters.

Storytime’s inclusive education approach and attention to detail on every child’s well being is exemplary. The teachers are passionate and are most definitely a positive influence in my son’s physical, mental and emotional development.

It is with complete personal satisfaction that I would recommend all prospective “school-searchers” to take a look at Storytime Preschool."

- Michael Smith

Our Learning Environment

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